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Illnesses and Syndromes

Chronic low back and/or neck pain being be caused by illnesses or syndromes may lead to nerve damage. There are nerves which branch off of the spinal cord and then travel to all parts of the body. They can become temporarily or permanently damaged after an injury, a car accident, herniated disc, or surgery. Other causes of nerve damage may also result from disease processes such as post shingle pain, diabetes, or reflex sympathetic dystrophy ( RSD).


When a nerve is damaged it can result in persistent pain which radiates down an arm or leg, which may also called radiculopathy, for example. Other symptoms which may accompany the pain include numbness, tingling, burning, or difficulty in the use of the affected limb.


Treatments which may help the treatment of nerve damage include:

·        Anatomy of the Spine

·        Facet Joint Syndrome

·        Herniated Discs

·        Spinal Stenosis

·        Hip Bursitis

·        Femoral Nerve Block

·        Fluoroscopic Guided Hip Injection

·        Anesthesia ( Monitored Anesthesia Care, MAC )


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